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"Building the Bridge to a Sustainable, Affordable and Secure Energy Future"

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The single most important geopolitical, economic, environmental, technological, and humanitarian issue facing mankind is the availability of sustainable, secure, and affordable energy. 

EESI's mission  is to advance understanding of energy and environmental issues, facilitate development of technological solutions, and provide unbiased information for policymaking in the public and private sectors.  The Institute promotes interdisciplinary research, education and community outreach activities spanning all of Rice University: Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Architecture, and Management.

Satisfying the world's energy appetite will undoubtedly involve a portfolio of energy sources, improved energy efficiency, and a change in lifestyle to reduce our energy needs. EESI associated faculty are working on a range of these technologies to address near term to long term energy issues. At the same time, faculty and reseachers are studying the environmental consequences of our energy choices.              

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