Rice Unconventional Wisdom
Energy & Environmental Systems Institute


Rice University has a tradition of rigorous and challeninging academic programs. In particular, EESI supports educational initiatives for students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including exposure to their fields through research and internships with industrial partners.

Professional Science Master's Programs
As our national economy becomes increasingly dependent upon technology, there is an increasing need for people industrial and government professionals possessing scientific expertise as well as leadership and management skills. The Professional Science Master's Program at Rice is a two-year degree that prepares students for work outside academia with a curriculum focusing on specific disciplinary coursework coupled with management and communication training. M.S. degrees are offered in Nanoscale Physics; Subsurface Geoscience; and Environmental Anaylsis & Decision Making.

Rice University Biodiesel Initiative (RUBI)
The Rice University Biodiesel Initiative, or RUBI, was founded in the summer of 2005 by several graduate and undergraduate students. were then joined by undergraduates. It currently is working on a pilot project to use waste cooking oil collected from the university's Housing and Dining's facilities as a feedstock to produce biodiesel, to be used in diesel engines belonging to Facilities, Engineering and Planning.

Engineers without Borders
EESI supports the work of Engineers without Borders, a non-profit organization dedicated to engineering service in less developed nations in which undergraduate students develop hands-on skills not taught in the classroom while serving communities in need. The organization currently has 52 chapters throughout the United States. Engineers Without Borders was chartered at Rice University in 2002.

Rice Environmental Club
EESI supports the work of undergraduate members of the Rice Environmental Club which each year organizes a national Environmental Conference as a way for Rice students to share their environmental research with the community. These conferences bring together citizens, business leaders, public officials, and students of all viewpoints and backgrounds and encourages debate about protecting the environment both in the community and around the world. With the recent passing in Houston of the Metro Bond Issue and the opening of the Light Rail line, transportation issues were the focus of the 2004 conference.